As a college staff, we recognize the importance of being able to earn an income while being a college student. Our college schedule has been strategically set up to provide students with multiple time blocks in which they can work a job. Students are allowed to hold a job, as long as the job does not come before or interfere with their Dream City College schedule.

Dream City Church Pipeline

As Dream City Church our vision is to make Arizona known as a Christian state! As we do this, we are constantly growing our church staff at our local campuses and other campuses around state. This is constantly opening up new job opportunities for our students.

Students Hired

Since 2017 Dream City Church has hired over 50 students onto our paid church staff giving many students opportunities to work on campus while attending college.

Full Time Staff

100% of our Dream City College graduates have been hired full time on our paid church staff.

Other Opportunities

Dream City College is located in the heart of Phoenix and is surrounded by thousands of businesses for our students to work at. Many students who move here for college are able to keep their jobs and transfer to a local branch. As a large church, we have many connections and we frequently have job opportunities popping up for our students.