We believe you should receive real training to be used towards fulfilling God’s plan for your life that goes beyond the classroom experience. Dream City College, through various avenues, aims to train students for practical ministry. Practicums and Tracks are a big part of that. Dream City College students serve in various ministries of Dream City Church and may be eligible to receive course credit through SEU by participating in this hands-on ministry training.

Pastoral Practicum

As a pastor in ministry, lots of different responsibilities can come your way. In this practicum you will learn everything from leadership, to discipleship, to event planning. This is a great option for those interested in training to be a pastor in the main service setting.

Next Generation Practicum

From Kids Ministry, to Youth Ministry, to Young Adults ministry, it is important to train the next generation in the ways of Christ. This practicum gives the student the option to pick a ministry within the next generation context to dive into. In this practicum you will learn to do things such as produce services, lead students, put on events, and much more.

Worship Practicum

The bible calls everyone to worship. Therefore, our worship ministry is all encompassing at our many campuses in each ministry. If you feel called to grow in your musical skills unto the Lord, this may be the practicum for you. There is no shortage of opportunity to learn from our many Worship Pastors and serve on our many worship teams.

Creative Arts Practicum

God has gifted every single person with talents specific to them. We believe that the gospel can be communicated in many ways beyond just the Sunday pulpit. For those creatively inclined people, this practicum will give you the opportunity to get involved with our many shows and creative elements in our church.

Media Practicum

Audio, Visual, Lighting, Production

Outreach Practicum

Phoenix Dream Center School of Leadership

Communications Practicum

Social Media, Marketing, TV Production

Business Practicum

Accounting, Budgeting